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You love horror, but you love unconventional horror: fictional reality – the horror that you see in everyday life. It’s no fantasy. The Serial killers may be drastic, short of Mephistophelian, but everyone loves a really cool villain, am I right? Do you like speculative fiction? I describe horrible worlds where rodents feed off people like coffin worms do to corpses. If you like a little erotica, I write stories where heathens search for their souls in one-night-stands with equally famished, guiltless sex partners . If you like the above-mentioned topics/plot elements, my upcoming fiction titles will titillate you to the bone marrow.

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Il Migliore del Mondo & Other Stories

Jeffrey Deaver’s Twisted meets Stephen King’s Night Shift.

Artists want one thing: catharsis. The characters in the following eight stories will go to great lengths to find boundless inspiration, and the more complicated those means get, the bloodier.

It starts with a man called Il Migliore del Mondo, the best in the world at painting portraits for the deity Santa Muerte, whom he is cursed to serve. The story is followed by Painter of Dead Girls, about an artist so inspired by sadism, he puts together a plan to showcase his paintings at the heels of a series of brutal murders. The collection ends with Morbid Destitution of Covenant, a quirky title for a chess match novelette, featuring an ensemble cast of law enforcers and clinicians, all intent on proving that one man in custody is the killer in a series of brutal killings. The stories included in this collection will keep you on the edge of your seat and guessing until the thrilling climax.


The Last Stop

The Last Stop is a non-stop thrill ride combining the best elements of supernatural horror and literary suspense. It takes you into the small fictional town of Acheron, Virginia, teetering on the brink of destruction, sentenced to an untimely demise by a man contracted by one of its former residents. Will the the most prolific hired killer on record, paid by the mysterious preacher who claims the town is damned, succeed?

Gabriel, a Filipino contract killer, likened to the angel of death, has set foot in Acheron to fulfill this task. Immediately after getting off at the train station, Gabriel begins his war with the impure. An army of FBI agents, state troopers, and sheriff’s deputies look to stop him, ending the two-decades-long war with the fugitive contract killer. IN PARTICULAR, one FBI agent, Gabriel’s ex-lover, Agent Sonny O’Meara, is tasked to reel Gabriel in or stop him in his tracks before the advent of more tragedy. Their history as lovers entangles them in an interesting chess match of wits and wills. Agent O’Meara needs to piece together the puzzle—the contract details before it is too late.

Gabriel is haunted by visions of Filipino shamans, mythological deities, and victims’ faces in his nightmares. He goes on this one last job to exorcise his demons and unwittingly keep heaven’s gates open. Gabriel plans to kill everyone who steps in his path. Is he a man besieged by delusional beliefs and hallucinations, or is he humanity’s unwitting savior, the supreme evidence that God truly works in mysterious and sometimes evil ways?

Below & Other Stories

Set in dystopian civilization circa 2039 post economic and environmental devastation, this short novel introduces main character Sam Spiegel living in the sewers underneath New York City. The food shortage and economic fallout resulting from overpopulation and environmental pollution has caused mass instances of homelessness, squalor, and drug abuse. Sam has had to battle a traumatic past in order to simply survive by living in the sewers, making home with the likes of large rats and cockroaches.

When the worst-case scenario takes a turn for the drastically worse (hordes of drug-induced zombies resorting to cannibalism for food amid the scarcity besides spreading a vicarious viral encephalopathy in ever-increasing numbers), even the underground ceases to be safe for Sam. What does he do now that the hordes of undead make their way above ground and below? Are the drugs affecting his thinking, or have the savages made their way below ground in search of him or other survivors like him, threatening to bring humanity to the brink of extinction.

Other stories accompany this short novel. A story, In the Flesh, about a young boy with a capricious gift that manifests his wishes with but a word. Another story, Sex Magic, about a woman who seeks the friendship of a Filipino witch doctor to obtain her lover’s devotion. These stories and more bring superb horror for fans of the genre.

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