More Info About Me (Part 1)

If you’ve reached this blog, you’ve heard about me at some point. People will speculate since many people have varied opinions about me, and since I’m an ambivert and closely guarded to most. Here are my three tidbits that readers have to know.

“I make no qualms about my looks… or my books.”
  1. My favorite writer in the ’90s was Poppy Z. Brite, and my favorite book was ‘Wormwood.’ – I was sixteen back in 1996 when I first found the book in the horror section of National Book Store in Greenhills, San Juan City, Philippines. I eagerly read it when I got home, and the impact through the years still lingers. Brite’s fiction was my first taste of queer horror, and I was so taken by it as a teen in the closet that I searched for more of her books from Manila. I decided to start my career in horror fiction with short stories due to her influence, but I would later realize I was better at lengthier works. Still, her spare but poetic language sang to me like underground music, and the stories featuring edgy characters in search of their soul, fumbling through dark rooms drunk on alcohol, sex, and drugs scarred me. The longing in those hearts felt real, their tragedies poignant.
  2. I’m a big underground metal fan, but I’m also just a big music fan, in general. – Before horror fiction, my big fascination was with underground music. I loved alternative rock in the ’90s, bands like Mudhoney, Dinosaur Jr., Alice in Chains, and the Rollins Band. Besides that, I developed a fondness for metal; it started with mainstream bands like Metallica, Pantera, and Slayer, then became more extreme and diverse when I started buying Metal Maniacs copies at the magazine stores. I got into Amorphis, then into black metal, the death metal of bands like Immolation and others and have followed the underground since. I love industrial metal, war metal, blackened thrash, and other mixed genres. Besides the rock and metal side, I listen to classical music and industrial/techno. I love meditative music when it strikes the mood. I often build an atmosphere for my writing sessions by playing harsh music.
  3. I love dogs and cats; I can’t get enough of them. – I used to volunteer at a shelter in Richmond, Virginia, where I socialized with the dogs that needed human compassion the most. Since I returned to Manila, I haven’t had the space to care for a pet, but I’ve made donations to my local animal advocacy agency to make a contribution. On the light side, I don’t kill pets in my books, but I’m liable to annihilate my less-furry, make-believe human characters.

Stay tuned for more info updates about me and my upcoming fiction titles.

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