More Fiction Coming Your Way…

If my Twitter has made any indication, I have many fiction titles in the pipeline to rob you writers blind of your publishing spaces (hehe). And for all the fans, more horror and weirdness to sate your hunger. You see, with Il Migliore Del Mondo & Other Stories, I left a lot on the table for future accomplishments. The difference is a notably more polished narrative, a more authentic Filipino voice, and a slew of horror tropes reinterpreted or discovered… and I’m only getting started.

It starts with three new novels, one still under wraps. All three look really good to me, but I hope you won’t take my word for it. My hope is that they get published within the next three years. One novel each year… plus one novella each year too. I have enough slated for submissions until 2024. But, the interesting thing is that… the list goes on. I have more work in store for everyone. The plans get absurdly good, and I know that my word means nothing until I prove it. I’m willing to wager that it will. So confident, I’m on cloud nine right now and hoping that bubble doesn’t burst soon. Let’s all hope there is more diversity and opportunity for success in horror. More success for me too (whee!) More success for everyone!

Submission season starts in June, and I’m wickedly optimistic. There is a plan B and C for submission rejections should they come. So, I’m not as worried. Meanwhile, my opportunities to get freelance work are also building momentum. The relevance of that is when I no longer feel any pressure to turn in acceptances in a row because I’m prospering, I’ll be at liberty to be as creatively original and pressure-free as ever. This will pay dividends for my writing career. Writing what you want to read at the pace that suits you best is a formula for literary success. IMO.

That is all I’ll disclose for now. Have fun writing, reading, and supporting your favorite artists and endeavors. Life is short, so carpe diem!

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