New Look Site/Fresh Start to My Career

Hello everyone. This first announcement covers some of the basics. I’m launching a career writing fiction in the horror genre, posting news and announcements here and on social media. I’m also on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram (Please see the links on the site). Otherwise, if they led you to this blog, then great. Welcome again. I hope you come often.

The site has been refreshed, but it’s a basic layout. Since I’m from Manila, Philippines, not everyone accessing this site will have fast download speeds. A lack of flashiness has its advantages.

I’m also working on freelancing as a web designer and video editor, the latter in book trailers and post-production (films). At least, that’s the grand idea. The meat of my work is in fiction, my first love. I fell in love with Poppy Z. Brite’s work when I was a teen, and writing and reading have stuck with me since. I may have self-published in the past, but that work was largely experimental… you know, finding my voice. My undertakings in horror are my serious work now; they mean a lot to me, and these upcoming manuscripts (books) may shock many. I don’t look like most horror writers, and I’m easily stereotyped because of my looks. However, all I care about is writing great books, and I hope these new titles speak for my talents, passion, and vision for stellar horror. Plus, if you like something different, the settings are based in the Philippines, unlike anything I’d ever done in the past and unlike any other horror writer out there.

So, come on and join the fun. It’s only getting started.

Updates and announcements coming soon. June is submission month.

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